Blank Space Café is a modern, cozy place to relax that offers Asian-themed desserts.

Founded by Peggy Huang in August 2015, Blank Space is a start-up business based in the heart of downtown Bellevue. As of July 2017, Blank Space has opened another location in downtown Seattle where you can drop by for a quick coffee pick-me-up. Our cafe is an ideal hub for special occasions such as dates and family celebrations with fun events, deals, and promotions. We specialize in mixed drinks such as bubble teas. Our beverages are all organic and hand-shaken for those looking for ready-to-go refreshments. The Taiwanese toastbox and ice cream bubble waffle are decorated to look Instagram-worthy. Blank Space takes food and room decor to a whole other level, combining its blissful atmosphere and artistic desserts for a matcha made in heaven.