About Blank Space Cafe and Reviews

Blank Space Café is a modern, cozy place to relax that offers Asian-themed desserts

Founded by Peggy Huang in August 2015, Blank Space is a start-up business based in the heart of downtown Bellevue. As of July 2017, Blank Space has opened another location in downtown Seattle where you can drop by for a quick coffee pick-me-up. Our cafe is an ideal hub for special occasions such as dates and family celebrations with fun events, deals, and promotions. We specialize in mixed drinks such as bubble teas. Our beverages are all organic and hand-shaken for those looking for ready-to-go refreshments. The Taiwanese toastbox and ice cream bubble waffle are decorated to look Instagram-worthy. Blank Space takes food and room decor to a whole other level, combining its blissful atmosphere and artistic desserts for a matcha made in heaven.



Bryan L.

Blank Space is a cute little boba shop located in the heart of Bellevue. It's a great place to grab a drink during a work break or to have a quick meeting with clients or coworkers. I'm guilty of holding a lot of one-on-one's here just to have an excuse to get boba. The quality of the boba tea is okay. I definitely prefer drive-thru or Coco which are both in Bellevue. The bubble waffle and ice cream dessert was sweet and tasty. My friend and I got the chocolate version with coffee ice cream. It was both pleasing to look at and eat and wasn't too overly sweet. The price tag was a little high but I guess it's a cool treat to get every once in a while.I love the atmosphere and vibes of the shop, everything is clean, white, and minimalist. They even have an arcade unit inside which I haven't tried yet. I guess there are better options around Bellevue but the location of Blank Space can't be beat. The staff and servers are all great too.


Kevin N.

I've visited this place several times, as they are one of the few places that actually has my favorite bubble tea drink (yogurt green tea). Situated across from the Bellevue Transit Center and right next to Blazing Bagels, this spot offers various bubble tea flavors as well as very instagram-y desserts such as macarons and toast boxes with ice cream. The bubble teas are about a dollar more than what I'm used to paying, but their quality is fine. As I mentioned, I typically get my yogurt green tea, but I do appreciate that they stock some other unique flavors like guava. If I could rate the drinks alone, I'd give it a 4/5.Unfortunately, this place comes up short when it comes to customer service. The employees all appear disengaged whenever I come. And given that they're all foreign, ordering sometimes is a pain when they can't understand me completely. Don't know if they still have this problem, but a few summers ago, I came in multiple times an hour or so before closing wanting a bubble waffle, and they told me that they ran out, every single time. It was very disappointing, I would've expected them to just make more batter.. but nope.The cafe is pretty small, and most of the time, pretty scarce. It actually makes a decent place to study or get some work done. They even provide an arcade fighting game for customers to play for free.I would prefer going to Oasis in Chinatown if I really wanted the best bubble tea around, but for convenience purposes, this place will do fine. If they would just lower their prices a little and improve customer service, no doubt this place would get 5/5.


Mary R.

Not a bad place for bubble tea and sweets! I first tried this place out because I was curious how their honey toast would be. I've tried it at Hard Wok Cafe in Seattle and various places in Tokyo and I know it's a favorite dessert of mine. I was a little disappointed with the honey toast here, though. Usually there is actually honey on the bread inside the block of bread, but here it was just plain but sweet bread. It was ok, just not the best I've had.I've tried a few bubble teas here as well. They are definitely really sweet, but that's what the reduced sugar option is for! I recommend half sweetness for most teas. Only complaint I've had so far in terms of the tea is that the Hokkaido milk tea has more of a buttery flavor than other places.All in all it has some problems but I'd say the proximity to the transit center and the cute interior make it a place worth checking out. The seating is great for hanging out with a friend or two, and there's some outdoor seating which is nice now that we're heading towards the summer!


Kim N.

I decided to try out this place because the interior and the waffles looked incredibly cute on pictures. However, I was majorly disappointed. The service was incredibly slow despite the place not being packed. I waited a very long time for my bubble waffle(which looked nice), but did not taste very good. I've had better bubble waffles and for the price, it was not worth it. I also ordered a few drinks, and they were not any better. I personally would not return here unless the person I was with wanted to try it out.


Cassandra A.

I've been wanting to goto this place for about a year now. Last time I went I was at the seattle location and they had no ice cream available. I decided to try again at this place I came about an hour before closing. Not sure if it was the employee or manager who helped us but she seemed as if she was in a rush to leave it was my first time ordering so I was asking questions like "what's a popular waffle flavor" and what not. She seemed a little impatient and annoyed so I just quickly picked whatever i saw for my toppings. The customer who was ahead of me had gotten the wrong drink and she was pretty rude about it too. the bubble waffle was okay this place is definitely a yes for social media users who like to post aesthetic stuff lol.


Allison L.

Blank Space Cafe is the closest boba shop near where I work, so my coworkers and I often come here to grab a drink during lunch. On the outside, it might be easy to miss because it is between two other shops, but once you go inside it's a cute small cafe decorated with string lights and little plants. It's usually pretty empty, and there is not a lot of of seating there.I usually get the classic boba milk tea there, and for .50 you get a pretty big cup of tea. It comes in a plastic cup (a more sturdy one than the typical flimsy boba cups) and has a plastic lid at the top. The milk tea itself is pretty standard, albeit a little watered down. It is also a bit on the sweeter side, since I ordered 50% sugar and it was still too sweet. The boba was also all right, it's cooked well and there's a good amount of them at the bottom of the drink. The one huge drawback for me here is the service, as the workers do not seem very nice. We were pretty much ignored when we stood at the counter. So even though there was no one in line before us, my coworkers and I waited for a good 5-7 minutes before anyone even acknowledged our existence, so that was pretty awkward. It also took a long time for us to get our drinks.Overall, this place is just okay, since the tea was all right but not amazing and the customer service is pretty terrible. I would probably try one of the many other boba places that Bellevue has to offer instead of coming here.


Will R.

Here's the thing about Blank Space Cafe: as a boba shop, it generally fails. If I'm looking for balanced, tastefully sweet bubble tea, there are about seven different places I would walk to instead. Its more standard tea drinks are way oversweetened and a little soggy, not so much the Disney movie adaptation of a classic book as the Disneyworld animatronics-heavy ride. If you go in looking for a good jasmine milk tea, you will leave disappointed.That said: as a dessert shop, its drinks are perfect. I had a jasmine milk tea and was disappointed in the fare we received until I tried my friend's drink, whose name I forget but which I believe had some sort of Oreo or black-and-white theme. It was an absolutely delicious dessert drink, a shake on steroids with a slightly less satisfying consistency (gotta get the slight graininess of a good shake, you know?) but a taste that more than made up for it. It's like drinking liquid ice cream - not melted ice cream, because that's disgusting, but ice cream that somehow happens to be in liquid form instead of semisolid. It was very good.I don't think I'd recommend Blank Space in general to a friend looking to explore dessert options. It's too easy to be convinced to get a standard boba, since that makes up the majority of the menu options, and I wouldn't accidentally want to lead anybody astray with MeTea and Happy Lemon so close. However, if I were able to go with a friend with a major sweet tooth and suggest what they should order? Absolutely. Blank Space fulfills a very specific niche, and not the one it would seem to on the tin, but it's a wonderful niche to have filled nevertheless.


Lizzie S.

I have been wanting to go here for so long! So I'm glad my friend and I could finally go. It was a little tricky finding it because there hasn't super close parking and the cafe is part of a big building of other businesses. I got a bubble pistachio and almond ice cream with chocolate chips, pocki, and sprinkles. It was so tasty and not heavy feeling at all. I also enjoyed my green tea, which they have super cute reusable cups. I would be very happy to come back and try something new :)


Jack Z.

There were two employees and zero customer when we went there on a Saturday early afternoon. After we decided what to order, the girl told me they were out of the toastbox. What a waste of time. If you are out of your signature dish and your customer is standing right in front of you trying to decide what to order, simply tell them. And to be honest, how are you out of something when there is no one in the store? I'm wondering if there is any of it in the beginning. Good luck with that kind of attitude of service.


Reda A.

More like a 2.5. The actual bubble waffle and ice cream were okay. I was really annoyed that the green tea pocky was Grey and not green at all and tasted stale af. Like... Why. I've had pocky lots of times it does not taste like that. The actual bubble waffle is nothing special. It's just a waffle. You might say, what's wrong with that it's supposed to taste like that. Well bubble waffles are supposed to have a crisp side and a fluffy side and have a taste almost like a cream puff shell (basically eggy taste) which this severely lacked. It was almost too doughy. The ice cream is not that good, doesn't have a good green tea taste. I've had their boba once before this. I got the mango green milk tea. Sharetea's is way better. Would not come back again.


Heather O.

This is a cute lil bubble tea shop, but nothing wow about it. Service is alright... They were busy making drinks and I waited at the counter for a good five minutes without being acknowledged. There was no "we'll be right with you" or anything. So it was kinda awkward just standing there for that long hoping someone will take my order.I ordered the toast box, SLS and an original milk tea. I really enjoyed the toast box which I ordered with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, chocolate syrup and cookies and cream pocky. The drinks were not so great. The SLS would've been okay if it weren't for the lemon seeds that kept getting in my mouth. I appreciate that they used real lemons, but how lazy are they that they couldn't strain the lemon seeds out? I didn't finish the drink. I didn't care for the original milk tea either, but my hubby said it tasted the way it did because its Hong Kong style. I guess I'm used to Taiwanese milk tea? He finished his drink though, so he must've liked it.All in all, we tackled the toast box! I think that is the only thing that will make me come back.


Amy N.

Meh, their desserts I feel are overpriced and not on par when compared to other places like Hard Wok cafe or any nearby boba stores. Their drinks are tasteless :(


Adrianna B.

Went here for the first time recently to get milk tea after work. Was delighted to find out they use a non-dairy creamer here since I'm lactose intolerant. The drink (almond milk tea) was excellent and the boba was very tender and just sweet enough. Definitely need to come back to try some more drinks!


Stacy A.

For sure I am a fan of this cute cafe in Bellevue! I was kinda off a bit because of how it looked outside but the inside is super cute! There's not much parking in the front of the cafe so you have to go in the back down a hill. Kinda tricky but it's self explanatory! I got the 24 oz matcha milk tea with tapioca. First off, the employee who took my order didn't even ask what size I wanted so it's like she assumed I wanted the 24 oz... I mean, it was fine in the end but c'mon girl, at least ask. Haha! I also got the bubble waffle which what their famous for, hehe. I love how they have holiday flavors for their waffles. Like hazelnut, pumpkin spice, etc. Super yummy! Would come back again for a sweet treat!


Sandy L.

I've been here once and this time I was kind of bummed when they only had two flavors of ice creams and two flavors of bubble waffles you could have choose from. We wanted to just order bubble waffle since there wasn't a great selection but I guess we couldn't do that (would still be charged the same). We ended up picking chocolate chip cookie dough and green tea waffle. It took over 20 minutes for us to get the bubble waffles. I notice some orders for other people might have not been placed in or forgotten so I was thankful we got ours. It was ok! I didn't like the flavors we selected because it kind of didn't match. I highly recommend offering bubble waffles on it own on the menu. Some people just want that. Additionally a better flow of tracking orders for customers. I saw a good handful of upset customers during those 30 minutes I was there who either didn't get what they ordered or completely missed there orders.


Chamroeun L.

So the waffle takes 20 mins to make and taro slush is bland. I'll stick to Oasis in Chinatown.


Jessilyn C.

Only reason I came here was because my husband works down the street, and he said that the boba was good at this place, and it's the only place he knows that serves boba in this area. Being the boba snob that I am, I asked him are you sure I'll like it. He assured me that I would. Especially since he knows I've been drinking OG Milk Tea with egg pudding and boba in L.A. for years.BS did not have pudding, they didn't have Thai iced tea. They actually do not have a large selection like what I'm used to but that's ok I can live with it. I just got the OG milk tea with boba. It's was ok, pearls were cooked properly. But that's not what I'm giving a two star for. I'm giving a 2 star for the bubble waffle I decided to try. If you've ever visited BC, to attend the Richmond Night Market, you've probably tried the delicious bubble waffles. So I decided to try Blank Space bubble waffle. It takes a while for them to cook, but when I got mine it was burnt. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of the burnt waffle because I took it back so quick to have them redo it. It took about 4 minutes to cook. I got it and it was a little better, but it wasn't burnt at least. I just finished eating it as I write this, and my tummy is churning, and I'm feeling so sick that I have to sit across the street at Starbucks so I can drive back home which is an hour right now due to the405 parking lot, I mean traffic. So I'll sit here,  and rest hoping I start feeling better. I'm posting a photo of the waffle that was remade. So if you want bubble waffle, I'd wait to get it at the Richmond Night market in Canada.P.S. dear owners...please train your employees some customer service.


Brandy A.

I have been coming here over a year now and the service of the store and the quality of their product just keeps declining. I reached out to the owner's and they replied promising better experiences and gave me a free drink card...but they have not improved- raw boba, way to syrupy drinks even after requesting 25% syrup, ladies behind the counter are annoyed they have to get off their phones. What a shame, my coworkers and I used to love to take a break here.


Dana M.

Don't get the toastmellow.. it's literally bread with marshmallows toasted on top. I added a scoop of chocolate ice cream and the total was .00+ dollars. Service was slow and I got my order after 2 ppl behind me. If service was better I'd come back to try their bubble tea or bubble waffle but because it was so slow Ill  skip it.


Tia M.

Meh it's ok. I let myself get hyped up because my favorite foodie on Instagram posts about this place. BUT our cone was burnt and it's just hard to get past that burnt chocolate taste. The amount of time it takes to get your order is a little long and really their customer service is lacking. The macaroons are ok. Your typical Macaroon. A cute little spot with a selfie frame of course! The ice cream is pretty good. Overall not really wow worthy like I anticipated. If their customer service was friendlier and warmer I could look past the cons of the product BUT theres too many other places to go to.

Bellevue - 555 108th Ave NE Bellevue, WA  98004

(Located across Bellevue Transit Center. Parking is available behind the building.)

Seattle - 2126 2nd Ave Seattle, WA  98121

(On the corner of 2nd & Blanchard. Limited parking.)

Monday - Friday : 11am - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday : 12pm - 7pm