Eat Chinese Hot Pot in Madrid

Eating Hot Pot is one of the most delicious dining experiences you can do in your life . It's a comparable experience that you eat a burger that has crispy bacon on top and that your meat is filled with melted cheese with mushrooms while you watch the rival football team you hate so much fall to the second division.

But Now you go, do you know what a Hot pot is?

The Hot Pot , also known as "Mongolian soup" or "Mongolian soup ", is a kind of Chinese fondue (there are also Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese versions) that consists of cooking in broth different types of foods that include proteins, vegetables, mushrooms and noodles to be consumed accompanied by various sauces.

Chinese food table

The wines are usually flavored, prepared on the basis of Animal bones or simply vegetables.

Proteins vary depending on who prepares the Hot Pot. They can be red meat, poultry, seafood, tofu.

Vegetables, mushrooms and noodles are also protagonists in a good Hot Pot.

And the sauces to wet or spread the pieces previously cooked, they are the key to everything, that's where the magic happens, the taste.

Finding restaurants in western countries where they prepare good Hot Pot can be easy or impossible, depending on the city and country where you find For example, in Madrid and Barcelona there are several delicious options, as in places like Berlin, Paris, London or Budapest.

In Latin America it gets a bit more complicated to get good places to eat it. In the United States you can enjoy it.

Where to eat Hot Pot in Madrid

Madrid has good options to go to eat Chinese Hot Pot.

  • The Imperial Pot, changed the name, now it's called Sichuan Sabor

Located in the neighborhood of Argüelles Here you will not only find that it is the unique specialty of the house, but you can also eat everything you want for a single price "Buffet Libre" and, oh my God, it is incredibly delicious!

Address: Santa María Micaela Street 6.

  • Yue Lai Restaurant

On the Yue Lai they also serve Hot Pot In this case it is not a free buffete, but you are asking the waiters the portions of vegetables or proteins that you want to cook in your Chinese cauldron.

Address: Calle Hermosilla 101.

  • Ni Hao Restaurant

Ni Hao is one of the best Chinese in Madrid. They have hot pot and it's really fabulous. Read more about Ni Hao Chinese restaurant.

Address: Calle de Silva 20.

hot pot

Eating Hot Pot is a ritual:

It all starts with the pot and the broth, which is where you are going to cook your food.

There are 2 variants of this pot/broth, you can have an individual pot for yourself or a communal where all the diners are going to cook their things and it is divided into two parts, usually one spicy and the other not.

The first thing you should do is decide what type of broth you want, depending on the restaurant you may have many or few options: it may be vegetable, pork, lamb or duck (this may vary in other places), you should also decide if you want it without spicy, little spicy or (danger) very spicy.

Depending on whether it is a communal pot or your own, on the table there are some burners where they will put a pot for you with only the respective broth or a collective bigger.

Then it's time to ask: some restaurants offer you a buffet where you serve yourself whatever you want.The recommendation is that you do not serve all in one fell swoop, go little by little, do not eat with your eyes that in the end that is frowned upon. Serve what you are going to eat and then, if you want more, then you are going to look for it.

The buffete area is divided into 2: Vegetables and noodles on one side, and meats and dumplings on the other.


The selection of vegetables is enormous, ranging from lettuce, mustard greens and some roots, to fungi and mushrooms of different types, each one more delicious than the other.

vegetables hot pot

In the protein section you will get some finely filleted lamb, entrails of pork (do not ask , you eat them), sausages, various types of tofu and seafood: prawns, squid, crayfish, sea shells and even crab. You can find that some hot pot restaurants have no chicken or beef ... and believe me you will not need them.

 hot pot proteins

There are also many types of meatballs and dumplings, all very delicious. Remember not to eat with your eyes, take little by little and then repeat.

dumplings hot pot

After your food selection you go back to the table and simply go cooking in the broth whatever you want to eat, taking into account that some things are done almost instantaneously, such as lettuce and mustard greens, and other they take several minutes like meatballs, dumplings and squids.

tray hot pot

Kitchen. When ready, dip your piece of vegetable/dumpling/protein in the sauce you brought and eat. Repeat, and repeat until you get [email protected]

hot pot pot imperial Madrid

At the end of it all, and if you still have space in your stomach , you can go back to the buffete, bring noodles (rice or wheat) and cook them in the broth. Wonderful.

Tip: leave the noodles for the end, do not fill up at the beginning eating pasta, that's a novice mistake.

As you go cooking the broth will be reduced . Broth that by the way you can take with the spoon you have on the table, it's delicious. But again, be careful, leave it to the end.

If you want to help you enjoy and digest this magnificent delicacy better, you can order as a drink any of the teas they offer.

Chinese food hot pot

The experience of eating in a Chinese Hot Pot is sublime. You will want to return as soon as possible to try everything you did not eat the previous time.