Global Cravings: Discovering Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Beyond America

Chicago-style deep dish pizza is a culinary delight that has won the hearts of food lovers worldwide. Its unique characteristics – a thick, buttery crust, chunky tomato sauce, and an abundance of cheese – set it apart from other pizza styles. While it’s a staple in its hometown of Chicago, Illinois, USA, the question arises: can you find authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza beyond America’s borders? The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s embark on a global journey to discover where you can satisfy your deep dish cravings around the world.

Europe’s Take on Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Europe, with its rich history of pizza-making, has embraced the Chicago-style deep dish pizza with open arms. Here are a few notable mentions:

  • London, UK: Japes, located in Soho, is known for its authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizzas. They import key ingredients from Chicago to ensure authenticity.
  • Madrid, Spain: The Chicago Pizza Pie Factory, despite its closure, left a lasting legacy in Madrid. Today, many pizzerias in the city offer their version of the deep dish pizza.

Asia’s Interpretation of the Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Asia, known for its diverse food culture, has also welcomed the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Here are a couple of places where you can find it:

  • Tokyo, Japan: DevilCraft serves up Chicago-style deep dish pizzas that are a hit with both locals and tourists. They even offer craft beers to pair with your pizza.
  • Seoul, South Korea: Monster Pizza in Seoul offers a Korean twist to the traditional deep dish pizza, incorporating local flavors and ingredients.

Comparing Global Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizzas to American Ones

While these international pizzerias strive to replicate the authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza, there are inevitable variations due to local tastes and available ingredients. For instance, Japes in London uses Italian mozzarella instead of the traditional Wisconsin cheese, while Monster Pizza in Seoul adds Korean spices to their tomato sauce.

However, these variations do not detract from the essence of the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Instead, they add a unique twist, making the pizza a fusion of American and local flavors. Despite the differences, the spirit of the Chicago-style deep dish pizza – its hearty, indulgent nature – remains intact.

In conclusion, while Chicago is the birthplace of the deep dish pizza, its influence has spread far and wide. Whether you’re in Europe or Asia, you can find a slice of Chicago in the form of this beloved pizza. So, wherever you are in the world, satisfy your craving for a Chicago-style deep dish pizza at these global pizzerias!