Queijadas y Travesseiros de Sintra

A little over a year ago when I had the opportunity to visit Sintra with the Estoril Tourism team I was not aware of how delicious the famous " Travesseiros de Sintra " and their " Queijadas "in the well-known" Piriquita ".
Sintra, for those who do not know it, is a small town just 50 minutes from Lisbon. It is usually well known among Spaniards for different reasons. One of them is that, next to Estoril, this place is very well known for having once been the residence of counts and other royals ... and not only Portuguese.

Back to the Piriquita: at the beginning it was a bakery, but today is one of the best known traditional cake factories in Sintra and surroundings. Those who visit this small place should know that they will have to wait a bit before they can taste these delicacies.

About the " travesseiros ": this is a sweet filled strudel dough with a lot but a lot of almond (without skin), cinnamon, egg yolks and sugar, and they are the specialty of "Piriquita".

On the " queijadas " it is about small cakes made of a mixture of eggs, sugar, cream and a quite generous touch that gives the tuist interesting. This ingredient is: fresh cheese! To both sweets a bit of cinnamon is added to complement the experience.

queijadas and travesseiros sintra

In the visit we made to this busy place, and where we had the opportunity to visit his kitchen, we came across its owner and creator of the" fame "of these sweets. Mrs. Constança, continues to watch that both sweets are still made according to the tradition of their own version.

queijadas travesseiros sintra portugal

The words to describe these desserts are few, if they are eaten hot they are a tradition worthy of 50 Michelin stars.

Definitely a place that is worth experiencing .
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